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I'm Nasser Hadjloo, a Persian freelance Web Designer & developer. I create innovative and eye-catching websites. I believe in novelty with a penchant for clean code. I also do web applications and project management.

When it comes to CSS and HTML I'm an specialist. I'm interested in Unicode, Internationalization and localization. I've an open source application with which you can convert unicode text to/from.

I also do some Windowsphone development for fun; just because I'm in love with WPF and Windowsphone so if you have a project, especially if it is wiered, don't forget to send me an e-mail to Nasser@Hadjloo.ir or a simple tweet to @hadjloo. I'm looking for interesting projects to expand my skills. I'm sure that your project would be the one which I'll show it off to my other customers.

If you're not sure that I'm the right person to do your project then check my other works & I bet you'd change your idea.

If you are from New Zealand or Australlia then you're in luck. If you believe "Fortune knocks but once", This is your opportunity to open the door for your fortune, I have an especial gift for you. Just check Hire me hub.

Check my profiles ;)

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  • To hire me, you can directly send a message to me from Contact Me hub.

    You can also send an e-mail to Nasser [at] Hadjloo [dot] ir. I'll answer your message within 2 days.

    If you're looking for a geek to do your job, you're in the right place. During last 11 years I did several projects which you can find some of them in My Projects page; from small websites, to large-scale web applications.

    On top of those, I had different roles in different projects so can I see things that other hardly notice. I negotiated with many customers and did my best to underestand and satisfy their needs. I designed, developed and managed various projects and I wish I put these experiences into practice in your project.

I'm heading to beautiful New Zealand, so if you're a kiwi and going to hire me or even you're one from Australlia, then I'll do your job in half price!

Why am I doing this? Well, honestly speaking, to attain some kiwi experiences and to give New Zealand and Australlia a go remotely.

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  • Faraconesh Corporation

    I worked more than 11 years for Faraconesh Corporation; In these years I had several positions like, Web Designer, Senior Web Designer, Web Department Manager, and finally Technical manager.

    One thing I like about Faraconesh Corporation is that they are as my family members and all of the developers and managers are working as a family. Not only played Faraconesh an important role in my life, but also tought me a lot of things.

  • Noor Software Foundation

    I'd work in one of the sub-groups of Noor Software Foundation about a year, part-time. The team, previousely worked on Virastyar, the only Persian software which helps users edit their text formaly in Persian.

    Beside Virastyar, they were working on Persian Font to make them standard in a way that work in all platfrorms including: Computer Screen, Handheld devices, Windows, Mac OSX, PDF and above all Web. I was one of the main two members in this project.

  • Pars Asan Afzar

    Having a part-time job for a year in Pars Asan Afzar, opened the door of Mobile development to me. I got familiar with DRM and implemented a Portal which provides DRM content. In that time it was the first and the only Persian DRM portal.

    In addition to implementing a DRM portal, I created an SMS sender application which used AT Commands in a GPRS Modem.

  • I.R.I.B - Al.Alam News Network TV

    It was my only governmental job ever which lasted a year. I was a part of Al.Alam R&D team. I configured an Open Ticket Request system, formerly known as OTRS. It is the only Service Desk which users collaborate with, in ITIL and ITSM. Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of Best Practices which England governtemnt documented in order to use it in all of IT organization.

  • Technical Manager

    More than three years of managing web department of Faraconesh corporation and supervising some employees at Faraconesh, thought me some management skills in addition to my Web design skills.

    I'm managing some of the projects that I was a part once, so being in the different part of the same projects exposed new aspects of web application project to me.

  • Unicode Consultant

    I create a complex cross platform Persian OpenType Font and provide a Microsoft VOLT template to implement other fonts. The font is using with a commercial license in Web, Mobile and Screen.

  • Mobile Developer

    I had implemented a DRM portal and provided content for it.

    Also I did some R&D in software architecture that offers the best solution for Asan Afzar in-house Java framework.

  • Senior Web Designer

    I had implemented Faraconesh Web Application UI for about 4 years. All of the application are using on the web or are accessible from the company's LAN.

    Accounting, Inventory, Salary, Asset, Management By Objective, Office Automation, Staff, Workflow, ISO, Festival, Book, Sale, Treasury, MERT, Security Analyzer, Training & Tuition are some of Faraconesh web applications that I implemented their UI.

  • ITIL - ITSM Consultant

    As a part of Al.Alam R&D team, I configured an open source Ticket Request System based-on ITIL and ITSM which formerly known as OTRS.

    I also recommended a new News workflow system to Al.Alam News Network TV

Unicode Converter

Unicode Converter is a free open source software for converting to/from unicode and also getting information about a character.

Unicode Converter developed in c# using .Net Framework 3.5 and provide two different user interfaces, one for windows with WPF and one with Asp.net for Web.

You can help us improve this application faster than this. Yet another motivation is needed for us, so with your donation make us happy and give us some inspiration.

Unicode Converter Hosts in Codeplex, You can download the latest executable application Here.

Persian Word Justification

Based on my researchs in 2012, I found that not only do not Persian readers pay particular attention to western ways of making difference in words, but also they need new ways to undrestand the impact which given to the word.

All in all, the final result disclosed that Justifying the word make a better impact on word. I implemented a Word plug-in and you can download it here.

With your donation make us happy and give me some inspiration.

Unicode Converter Hosts in Codeplex, You can download the latest executable application Here.

  • Projects I was a part

  • Faraconesh ERP

    Faraconesh ERP consists of 12 web applications. During 5 years I implemented these application's entire UI. All of them are multi-language and available in different skins. All of them implemented with Asp.net, HTML, JQuery and CSS. These applications are as follows:

    • Faraconesh Accounting
    • Faraconesh Inventory
    • Faraconesh Asset
    • Faraconesh Staff
    • Faraconesh Salary
    • Faraconesh Training
    • Faraconesh Tuition
    • Faraconesh Workflow
    • Faraconesh Treasury
    • Faraconesh Sale
    • Faraconesh Book
    • Faraconesh ISO
  • Faraconesh MBO

    Management by Objectives, is another fantastic web aplication by Faraconesh Corporation. Different reports which provided by the application, let manager monitor the data real-time.

  • Faraconesh Risk Analyzer

    Risk Analyzer is another web application by Faraconesh Corporation. It calculate the amount of vulnerability of an organization, by some data entry.

  • Faraconesh Festival

    Faraconesh Festival is a web application which let organization held and manage a festival. It can integrate with Faraconesh ERP.

  • Font Design

    I implemented some TrueType and OpenType fonts. I designed a series of Old Persian Language cuniform fonts beside a cross platform Persian Font.

    • Parsoomash Cuniform Series
    • New Font
    • Noor Nazanin
  • Website Design

    During last years I designed several websites for different organizations, you can find some of them below.

Attend in Tehran Startup Weekend

Thanks to Mr. Malayeri I invited to participate in Tehran Startup Weekend event as an honorary guest, as a corollary of my presentation in Open Web Platform Conference. Tehran Startup Weekend will held in August 29th - 31th, 2012.

Event Website: Tehran.StartupWeekend.org

Talk in Open Web Platform

I talked about Web Font in the first Iran Open Web Platform Conference in July 19th, 2012.

Conference Website: owp.ir

You can download presentation file here: Download

Talk in Digital Media Festival

I talked about WindowsPhone in the fifth International Digital Media Fair and Festival in october, 2011.

Festival Website: intdmf.com

You can download presentation file here: Download

Nasser Hadjloo

Web Designer & Web Developer